about xddd shoes

Control of the raw material
        RODA promotes the product in aspects and so on quality of material selection, design modelling, manufacture craft, color matching has integrated the thick Eastern culture inside story and the European and American fashion tidal current essence, the different design development different elegant demeanor, guarantees the product the high quality and the high grade, lets the pursue individuality and the fashion person cannot fall absolutely after the human.In addition,
        the RODA series product through entrusted with its leisure element and the cultural connotation enables the product to achieve had “the makings and the personal status” altitude
1)We will cooperation with the enterprise of good raw material quality. 
2)The firm stop purchases the unqualified raw material  
3) Regarding all raw materials which enters shop, our company all must carry on the comprehensive examination, the quality pass, in no way allowed strictly has the flaw product to enter the production the next working procedure.
Control of the manufacturing process
Quality decision product level, therefore RODA pays great attention to the product extremely the material whether excellent, works whether exquisitely, the quality strict check, the utilization scientific method does devote to study the development, manufactures “the zero shortcoming” first-class quality.
1)We had the working procedure client side, the downstream operator take the downstream working procedure as on comment official's operation pattern for the upstream operator's nature to create the remarkable process safeguard, and set up the professional process nature in the working procedure connection key link to control, take the double thread management, a sign nature controlled the pattern which, a ticket overruled as the end-user to provide the quality assurance .
2)According to the production management circulation process strictly, unceasingly optimizes the production craft, guarantees the product quality, and guarantees the product the traceability.
Product inspection   
After the product completes, delivers the type from the tube department to carry on the final test to the quality surveillance bureau, and writes up the examination report, the realization product quality final control, ceases has the slight defect product exwork.